Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Do You Like Nicolas Cage?"

Question 94
Do you like Nicolas Cage?
At 10:35 AM 1998.08.31

   My husband is starting to go bald a bit, so I suggested that he follow the example of the bald but cool Nicolas Cage. However, my husband really hates that he's balding, so he won't listen to me. According to him, "The dude IS bald!!" So all of our arguments end on an unpleasant note.

   But I digress. What I mean to ask is, is there anybody out there that thinks Nicolas Cage is cool? I decided to try asking around.

   If you're not busy, please tell me what you think. Also, does your wife like Nicolas Cage? I'd be so happy if you took the time to answer. (29 years old, Gemini, Blood Type A)


   Hello. It seems my wife does not like Nicolas Cage. When I asked what about him, it seems that she doesn't like:

1) the way he talks
2) the shape of his nose
3) the look in his eyes (when he's looking down).

She's a rather prejudiced person. But when I asked her what she thinks about baldness, she said, "That sort of thing doesn't really matter." Please tell that to your husband.

   I personally neither like nor dislike Mr. Cage. He was good as the one-handed baker in Moonstruck, but I guess it must be sweltering, since he only wears tank-tops and is always sweaty.

[From the book 「そうだ、村上さんに聞いてみよう」と世間の人々が村上春樹にとりあえずぶっつける282の大疑問に果たして村上さんはちゃんと答えられるのか?,  2000, The Asahi Newspaper Company.]

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