Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Other Murakami Movies

 Just a quick little post today, but this was so cool that I had to share it.

There are a handful of movies based on the works of Murakami. As I mentioned yesterday, Norwegian Wood is the latest, but there's also movies based on "Tony Takitani" (awesome) and "All God's Children Can Dance" (not seen but heard is thoroughly mediocre), both of which were made in the last five years. There are two other Murakami movies, both made in the 1980s. One is called 森の向こう側 based on a short story called 土の中の彼女の小さな犬 (which I believe has not been published in English; I certainly don't recognize the title), and one based on his debut work Hear the Wind Sing (風の歌を聴け).

And you can watch the entirety of Hear the Wind Sing (in pieces) on Youtube. Here's part one. (Check out it's old-timey-ness.)


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  1. There's also Naoto Yamakawa's short 'A Girl She is 100%' from 1982,which i think you can watch over at Dailymotion.